Farewell Wine Lovers

Hello Wine Lovers,

I’m sad to announce that my journey has come to an end. During my senior year at Rowan University I have had the privilege to blog my journey as I sipped through the South Jersey vineyards. In the beginning of the semester I was worried that I wasn’t educated well enough in the wine industry to write posts to educate my readers. I was very wrong. Throughout the semester many of you all have emailed, commented and shared my work. I truly appreciated all the love and encouragement throughout the semester.

My favorite part about writing this blog was meeting new people and trying new wines. Every winery I visited, everyone was so friendly and helpful. I want to thank those who took the time to share their story and passions about the wine industry. I learned a lot from speaking with you all and have developed many new skills when it comes to tasting wine or selecting a delicious bottle of wine.

By writing this blog, I gained a greater appreciation for wine. I now know the work and effort it takes to produce wine and maintain a winery. Here are some of my favorite posts throughout the semester.

  1. Wine Tasting with Heath Brown at Wagonhouse Winery
  2. Uncork the Fun at Sharrott Winery
  3. Meet Joanna Clarke
  4. Next Stop Plagido’s Winery
  5. SJS Wine Trail


Amanda Dean



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