Next Stop Plagido’s Winery


Some people look forward to the weekends to relax but I look forward to the weekends to sip though the South Jersey vineyards. As you can you can see from my photo above I visited Plagido’s Winery located in Hammonton, New Jersey. Plagido’s Winery was awarded New Jersey’s Winery of the Year in 2016 by The Garden State Wine Growers Association.

My favorite part about visiting Plagido’s Winery was listening to the history on how the farm land became a winery. Plagido’s Winery is named after Plagido Tomasello who arrived to the United States from Italy in the late 1800’s. Plagido Tomasello started his life in Hammonton, New Jersey as he was one of Hammonton’s first pioneer farmers. Today the farm has stayed in the family and the land as turned into a winery.

When I first walked into the tasting room, I wasn’t impressed with the decor. The tasting room was in the large warehouse which had a different feel compared to other wineries I have visited. I felt uncomfortable and wish this winery had more of a rustic romantic atmosphere like other wineries. There was only one outdoor patio which had a limited amount of places to sit to enjoy the vineyard scenery. Yet, that didn’t stop me from having an enjoyable experience. 

My wine tasting experience changed my perception of this winery and that has to do a lot with a staff who conduced my my wine tasting named Jasmine. Jasmine hasn’t been working Plagido’s Winery for very long, but you would never know . She is well education about the wines and answered all questions. She has a friendly personality and funny sense of humor which made my tasting at Plagido’s Winery so memorable. I explained to Jasmine that my taste palette is transitioning from sweet to dry wines. She respectful took that into consideration and only poured me the wines she thought I would enjoy. She was spot on. Here is a list of the wines Plagido’s Winery offers during a wine tasting. 


 After trying many wines, Jasmine lead me into the right directions when taste palette sparked when I tried the Plagido’s Reverence. I had an instant connection towards this tasteful, light and refreshing wine. Jasmine explained the Plagido’s Reverence as  “our brenchmark semi-dry white wine with a delicate essence of oak and supple fruit”, said Jasmine. When visiting Plagido’s Winery keep your eyes out for this bottle, and make sure to try Plagido’s Reverence.










When my wine tasting was finished, I purchased two bottles of Plaid’s Reverence wine. One to enjoy on the outdoor patio while watching the sunset distantly fade on the vineyards and one to enjoy at home.  By the time I was finished with my tasting, the live music was playing on the outdoor patio. A country, rock, and soul musician named Derek Crider was on the patio with singing by himself while playing guitar. I enjoyed his music very much and having live music made my experience at Plagido’s Winery very enjoyable. 




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