Uncork The Fun At Sharrott Winery


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Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Sharrott Winery located in Hammonton, New Jersey. Between tasting new wines and meeting new friends,  it was sad to sip the last drop of wine and leave.

img_9294My friend Marlania and I arrived at Sharrott Winery on Saturday, October 15 2016 around noon for a tasting. When we first entered the tasting room we were greeted right away from a friendly staff member. She then, helped us purchase our tasting while explained to us that in depth that we had to select six wines of our choice to taste. When a spot opened up at the tasting bar, Marlania and I moseyed our way to the bar for a wine tasting. Once we posted up at the bar, we took out the list of wines to try. Marlania and I started to discuss what wines we wanted to try when the family next to us who were Sharrott’s Wine Club Members started to give us some suggestions. They raved about Sharrott’s famous wine called Wicked.

Sharrott Winery is known for their sweet, rich and powerful dessert wine called Wicked. Wicked is made in the style of a ruby port from Chambourcin grapes of the 2009 vintage. This wine has a deep, dark, black cherry red in color with overstones of oak, rich fruit aromas and a long sweet finish. When I tasted Wicked I could taste different hints of chocolate and thought it had had a bold port style but not overly sweet. Wicked would be a perfect wine to warm you up on a cold night.

My taste palette has changed within the year as I am transitioning from sweet white wines to red dry blends. That being said, I tried to stay away from the sweet wines for my tasting at Sharrott Winery. The six wines that I selected to try were Pinot Grigo, Dry Rose, Dry Riesling, Crimson Sky, Summer Sangria and Wicked. My least favorite wine due to its sweetness was the Summer Sangria and my favorites were the Pinot Grigo and Crimson Sky .The Pinot Grigo was very light and refreshing, which is why I loved it. I was surprised I enjoyed Crimson Sky as much as I did. I expected Crimson Sky to be too sweet. I was wrong and thought Crimson Sky was delicious. It was lightly sweet yet refreshing.I couldn’t resits but to buy a bottle of Crimson Sky to enjoy outside on the patio. 


Once Marlania and I finished our wine tasting, we each bought a bottle of wine to enjoy on the outside patio. When walking to find a table for the two of us to sit at, we ran into the family who suggested us all the wines to try during our tasting.Walter, Lucia and their son Michael Musterer invited to us to join them. We pulled up a chair to their table and started to discuss our opinions about Sharrott’s wine. I learned so much new information about wine and got so inspired about life after speaking with the Musterer Family. After many hours of laughter, bottles of wine and great conversations I was so grateful to have to opportunity to meet the Musterer Family. 


Sharrott has been my favorite winery that I have visited so far. I feel in love with the wine and outdoor patio sitting where you overlook the vineyards. I had an amazing experience and I recommend all wine lovers to visit Sharott Winery. Sharrott host several events throughout the year. Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th Sharrott will be participating in the seventh-annual Grape Adventure Wine and Food Festival. Mark your calendars now.


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