First blog post

img_8814Hello Everyone!

Welcome to South Jersey Sip! My name is Amanda Dean, a self proclaimed wine connoisseur from a small town in North Jersey. Currently, I am living in South Jersey while finishing my college education at Rowan University. I was born into a family that celebrates life with a tasteful glass of wine. My love for wine has grown when I turned 21 and finally able to attend wine tours and tasting with friends. I have traveled to wineries located in North Jersey and upstate New York and now want to now explore the wineries located in South Jersey.

South Jersey Sips informs all wine lovers a wide selection of new and old wineries located in South Jersey. Our mission is to share our overall experience based on high-quality wines, venues and events from each winery we visit. We provide reviews on a wide variety of wines with something to satisfy every palate from unique fruity-infused to traditional white and red wines. We encourage everyone to be apart of this journey as we sip our way through the South Jersey vineyards.



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